Monday, December 14, 2009

So Far So Good

The cancer killing has officially begun. I am sitting here in my infusion room BarcaLounger with all of today's medicine coursing through my veins. Hopefully, at this very minute the T-DM1 miracle drug is chasing down cancer cells, entering them through their little HER2 receptors and imploding them violently from within their very own nuclei. I am really enjoying this imagery.

So far I feel pretty normal. No nausea, vitals are all good. And I should know, as they are checking them every 15 minutes! Right now I am in the 90 minute post treatment observation period so I am basically just sitting here with Jennifer, laughing, reading and snoozing a bit. They even have snacks and hot tea, so it's almost like I'm in the Red Carpet club here. Destination unknown.

I have really lucked out with this study drug, even more than I knew. What I am receiving, I learned today, isn't even really chemotherapy. The drug I am receiving is technically an antibody, which means I don't need any of the steroids, anti nausea meds or Prilosec that normally comes in concert with standard chemotherapy. As an added bonus, I don't have to come back the day after each treatment to receive the often-painful white blood cell stimulating injection I was dreading. If this new drug is as effective as my doctor believes it to be and it is as easy as all this, I'm thinking that I should really buy myself some Genentech stock.

On another note entirely, my treatment nurse is wearing a scapular. I consider this to be an excellent sign.

I am sure fatigue is on the way as this battle rages on within me, but at this moment all I am feeling is relief and profound gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
It sounds like you are in excellent hands there! Please know that your prayer umbrella is HUGE and growing day by day. People who didn't know you just a month ago now feel like they are part of your journey. You and your family are in our thoughts constantly.
Love, Toni & Jerry

Mike said...

Dear Suzanne,
So glad to know. Your care sounds excellent. Hang in there and let everyone take care of you.
Thinking of you everyday and lots of love,
Sarah McCormick

Bianca said...

not that I am "superstitious" but your recovery nurse was wearing a scapular? How awesome is that! I would totally take that as God's way of saying "I am with you through it all". Your ability to think about that and notice the little miracles around you is what makes you so unique and such a delight to know! I am glad things are going so far so good. Now no running a marathon tomorrow, ok? It is okay to rest and let others help!

I have the Sacramento area praying for you and you are in our prayers nightly!

antonia said...

praise God.
keep us updated

nicole said...

So good to hear your cheerfulness. I hope the good feelings last and the side effects are minimal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am so glad that the treatment went well!!! -Angela

Kerry said...

thank you for keeping us posted! love your optimism!