Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things I Learned While Skiing for the First Time in 10 Years

1. Hardly anyone skis anymore--snowboarders have taken over the mountain. The skiers that do still exist are nearly all over the age of 35. Like me.

2. Ski boots that fit me 10 years ago don't fit after six pregnancies. It isn't just my waistline that has changed!

3. The good news is that the 15 year-old stretchy ski pants that once made me look like a ski-bunny hottie still fit. The bad news is that they are no longer in style and I was the only one on the mountain wearing them. Oh, and I am no longer a hottie of any kind. What a bummer.

4. Skis don't look like they used to. The skis I own are long and pointy. New skis are shorter with bubble-like ends. Luckily, since the ski boots didn't fit I went ahead and rented everything including skis, so I did not date myself with my personal skis...just with my pants.

5. The proportion of time I wish to spend warming myself by the lodge fire during a ski day has increased along with my age.

6. I have quadricep muscles that, apparently, I haven't used in quite some time. They have officially registered a protest.

7. Ski school for kids is a really, really good idea. Check them in, completely inexperienced at 10am and pick them up at 3pm, all ready to ride the lift with you!

8. If the zipper on your child's parka decides to break on a ski day, it is far better for it to do so before you are up on top of the mountain, when you are still in the vicinity of a large chain store with bargain prices.

9. It is more fun to ski when it is not actually snowing, although it does make the ride nice and powdery.

10. Skiing is like riding a bicycle--after a run or two, it feels like no time whatsoever has passed.

11. I'm really glad we live only 45 minutes from the Mountain High ski area.

12. Our family, finances and babysitting permitting, will be returning to the slopes again soon!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

How can you be 8 years old already? Yet, here you are, on the occasion of your 8th birthday, so beautiful and grown up. How proud I am of the person you are becoming and, indeed, already are.

Lindsey had a mystery theatre party that was a lot of fun. Each of the 16 participants had a part to play, and together they solved a haunted house crime and figured out which one of them was the culprit. The mostly second grade girls did a great job of reading their lines and acting out their parts, making for a totally unique and memorable party. Lindsey is shown above in front of the "Eerie Cove Police Department" sign, dressed for her part as Lola Lavish, the richest woman in the world...or IS she?! Hmmm.

Happy 8th birthday, Lindsey. You are loved, totally and completely.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a Chicken-Egg Thing

I'm not sure, really, which came first--the incredibly painful knot in my neck or the realization that my refrigerator, after limping along for some time, finally died a total and complete death.

I first realized that the refrigerator was on its way down last night just before bed, because the ice I grabbed for my last glass of water was wet and soft. Having been through sporadic thaws and even heat-ups with this only-two-year-old refrigerator several times before, I snapped into action and frantically shuttled my perishables to the garage fridge. Don't EVER buy a GE fridge, folks, because our last one did this too, at only 18 months old! (The one in the garage, for the record, is a reliable 12 year old Kenmore). It is a good thing I did this because by this morning, the otter pops I left in the freezer were liquid and warm and the control panel was flashing in a mocking manner.

So, you see, it is possible that the neck knot developed overnight due to the tension I felt simply knowing what was coming.

On the other hand, it is possible that the refrigerator, evil incarnate as far as I'm concerned, knew deep in its wiring that today I would have this terrible neck knot and so, therefore, it was the best day possible to cease working.

I suppose we will never know the truth. But what I do know is this: I spent today alternately popping largely ineffective ibuprofen tablets and going from store to store trying to find the largest refrigerator I could find to fit in my kitchen...at the best possible deal, of course.

Did I mention Jay was out of town? He often is when I have refrigerator crises. Lucky man.

At any rate, our new 26 cubic foot Samsung fridge will be delivered tomorrow and, no matter how much your neck hurts or how tired you are, that is something to get excited about. I love new appliances!

So, although I wouldn't have chosen to make a purchase like this right now, I am determined to enjoy the fruits of it. I plan to kick the old GE fridge hard enough to leave a dent on its way out, and just the thought of this small act of revenge is sure to give me pleasure for weeks to come.

That is, of course, if the stiff neck allows for this level of activity. But, you know? Somehow I think it will better tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Win-Win-Win

If you happen to have a fourth grade homeschooling boy who is often, shall we say, reluctant to complete his work in a cheerful manner, then boy do I have a plan for you!

Step 1: Find an adorable 8th grade girl who lives on your street (make sure your boy has at least a small crush on her) who wants to be homeschooled too, but can't because her parents both work.

Step 2: Allow her to convince you that supervising her homeschooling during the day would be a good idea.

Step 3: Make the arrangement with her parents to have her over each day from 9-2. Check to be sure she is doing her work, answer any questions she has, offer a tip or two when prudent, but let her parents chart her progress, grade her work and give her the day's assignments.

Step 4: Receive abundant free babysitting as compensation for your time, and be extra pleased that she delights in playing with the little kids in between her lessons (quick, mom, rotate the laundry while she's playing with the baby!)

Step 5: Stand back and watch your fourth grader fall all over himself to try to impress her by doing the very best work you've ever seen from him. Watch him complete his work early in the day so he can be sure to spend his PE time riding bikes with her after their lessons are complete.

It's great for me. It's a great for her. It's great for Joey. A win-win-win if I ever saw one!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Blissful, Blustery Day

My idea of a great day:

A rare and welcome rainstorm in the desert.
Good friends visiting for the weekend.
The fire burning and candles lit all day long.
A soak in the hot tub while the rain falls gently on our heads.
Walking the dog in the desert, the usual dust subdued by the moisture.
Homemade bread and potpie aromas filling my home.
My husband working on this and that around the house.
My children milling around me.
A good chick flick before bed.

Color me happy.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

10 Months Old Already

This photo portrays a happy moment from a girl who, although normally quite content, hasn't had much to smile about lately. Isabella has an ear infection that 3 back-to-back rounds of antibiotics can't get rid of and, frankly, she's had enough.

She was stoic enough in the beginning. In fact, I was not even aware that she had an ear infection when she was first diagnosed with it in late November during a well baby visit. In the last few days, however, she has been fussy, off-and-on feverish, and hard pressed to sleep for more than an hour at a time during the night. She tugs at her ear and screams if anyone touches it. Poor girl.

We saw the doctor again today and he has prescribed a 4th round of antibiotics to try to kill this thing. If these do not work she will have to see a specialist who will more than likely put her through some terribly unpleasant things in an effort to cure her.

So, please send up some prayers for my sweet girl...and her sleep deprived mother!