Friday, August 22, 2014

Loving the GPS

I have a new GPS app called Waze.  It has a social media aspect to it and uses data from its users to route you most effectively from point A to point B.  Since using this program, I have driven through many neighborhoods I would have never otherwise seen and am alerted to things like accidents, stalls and even police officers and photo lights lurking ahead.  I have learned not to question the route it gives me, even if it seems illogical, as it always turns out that Waze knows more than I do.  Unlike Siri.

This morning, on my way to Cedars-Sinai, it sent me up Beverly Glen and down Bedford through Beverly Hills.  What beautiful houses I got to see, all the while avoiding the near-standstill freeway traffic.  If you don't currently have this app, I highly recommend it!

I realize that it may seem a bit strange to post something like this after a two month blog silence, but I had to start somewhere!  Summer slipped away from me, but now that the kids are back in school, hopefully I will have more time to slow down and notice the many blessings around me and take the time to share them here.

This summer was full of wonderful craziness--an exchange student from Valencia, Spain (Maria, whom we all fell in love with), trips to Hawaii and Disneyland, as well as a few local beach days.  It seems like we never stopped.

Another thing that never stopped is the chemo, chemo and more chemo.  I am still not loving Taxol but am obviously tolerating it well enough to run around like a crazy person.  I have brain scan next month to check on some slow-growing tumors, but other than that, there is not a lot to report.  Anyone who sees me semi-regularly knows I have lost my hair, but am consoling myself with a little retail therapy and have found a number of chemo beanies and hats that actually make me feel chic rather than bald!

The kids are doing well.  Joey is starting tight end on Varsity and thinking about college.  He takes his driving test at the end of this month.   Lindsey just started Paraclete high school and signed up for 6 different clubs (love that enthusiasm!).  Sam is thriving in 8th grade and football, happier than I have ever seen him.  Julia is back at Sacred Heart for 6th grade after a year of exploring the wonders of public school, is still an excellent student and a talented gymnast.  Tony is in 3rd grade, loving Pee Wee football.  Bella is preparing for her First Holy Communion in 2nd grade while cheering for Pee Wee football and taking gymnastics as well.  Natalie started Sacred Heart as a 1st grader and is also cheering for Tony.  I am exhausted all over again, just reading through this, but everyone is happy and busy.

Jay is doing great, loves his job at IBM, still travels quite a bit, and has kicked up his daily workouts to monumental heights (in my estimation, anyway).  Wherever he is, he finds a gym.  I have to admire his tenacity as I will use any excuse I can find to NOT exercise.   He says it makes him feel great.  I'll have to take his word for it.

So, all is well, one day at a time is my motto (sometimes one hour at a time).  Hope all is equally well with my cyber readers!