Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lazy Blogger Alert--Vacation Mode

It's been awhile, now hasn't it?!  Sorry--I know some of you worry when you don't hear anything from me for awhile, but I can assure you that I have been mostly fine, just busy.

Our family took a vacation the first week of June to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I would love to share some of the fantastic photos I took but, alas, in the middle of a fish feeding frenzy (literally, see photo below taken with iPhone) our camera was accidentally kicked off the dock and into the water.  Although a very nice man with a long net helped us fish it out, we have so far not been able to get any photos off of the card.  But we haven't given up yet.  Not only did the camera have our vacation photos but also Joey's graduation, so I am truly mourning the loss.  I am very grateful for the few photos I took with my iPhone.

Aside from that loss (and a bit of child bickering), the vacation was lovely.  We went to an alligator swamp and rode on air boats (remember Flipper?!), went on a silly duck tour (a land/water tour of Fort Lauderdale that we all really enjoyed) and rented a boat two different days on Islamorada in the Keys.  That was our favorite place which is why we went back even though it was a bit of a drive.  The kids swam right off the back of the boat in the warm Gulf water.

Here are the kids in front of the duck tour:

This was my favorite beach, on Key Biscane.  The kids didn't like it because it was too windy that day to skimboard, but it was my idea of paradise.  Notice that major storm coming was kind enough to  wait until we were back in the car before unleashing.

Poor Lindsey broke her arm right before we left, but with the wonder of waterproof cast linings and a cast cover she was able to swim pretty much normally.  The cast came off yesterday with a treasure of Florida sand inside.  No wonder it itched her so much!  Here she is the day she got it (No, that is not a beer, it is a Mountain Dew):

After years of no casts, we have now been gifted with two in two months.  May the trend end!  

Finally, here is a photo of Linz on the 19th floor balcony of our hotel.  It was nice having a pretty amazing beach right across the street.

Jay travels a lot, but the good side of it is that every two years or so he saves up enough Marriott points and air miles to get us all somewhere fun for free.  Our only expense for this 8 night vacation was our rental car and food.  Can't beat that!  Especially since we had a full kitchen and laundry in our room.

So bear with me as I rejoin life in the real world.  It was definitely difficult to come back, though nice to be home at the same time.