Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

How can you be 8 years old already? Yet, here you are, on the occasion of your 8th birthday, so beautiful and grown up. How proud I am of the person you are becoming and, indeed, already are.

Lindsey had a mystery theatre party that was a lot of fun. Each of the 16 participants had a part to play, and together they solved a haunted house crime and figured out which one of them was the culprit. The mostly second grade girls did a great job of reading their lines and acting out their parts, making for a totally unique and memorable party. Lindsey is shown above in front of the "Eerie Cove Police Department" sign, dressed for her part as Lola Lavish, the richest woman in the world...or IS she?! Hmmm.

Happy 8th birthday, Lindsey. You are loved, totally and completely.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lola
Hugs and Kisses
I was thinking today was your birthday.... OOps.... Who is the 22nd? Maybe Isabella, next month - I'm soooo confused - Tell your mom she has to stop having kids, I'm losing track !! You'd think I could remember my own beautiful Godchild's birthday huh? I want to hear all about your party. Will talk to you soon...........
Love you lots and lots
Aunt Lori and Michael

Jen Savard said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lynz!
I agree with Aunt Lori...I can no longer keep track of who was born when. At least I know in which order you all arrived...or do I? :)
You are such a beautiful young lady and you make us all proud to be part of your life.
We love you,
Auntie Jen, Jason, Hannah, and even Jeffrey!

Annie Bizzi said...

Missing you more and more each year we are not celebrating with the family--Happy Day Lindsay!!
Suz--You are over the top on the birthday themes--you should write a book!