Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things I Learned While Skiing for the First Time in 10 Years

1. Hardly anyone skis anymore--snowboarders have taken over the mountain. The skiers that do still exist are nearly all over the age of 35. Like me.

2. Ski boots that fit me 10 years ago don't fit after six pregnancies. It isn't just my waistline that has changed!

3. The good news is that the 15 year-old stretchy ski pants that once made me look like a ski-bunny hottie still fit. The bad news is that they are no longer in style and I was the only one on the mountain wearing them. Oh, and I am no longer a hottie of any kind. What a bummer.

4. Skis don't look like they used to. The skis I own are long and pointy. New skis are shorter with bubble-like ends. Luckily, since the ski boots didn't fit I went ahead and rented everything including skis, so I did not date myself with my personal skis...just with my pants.

5. The proportion of time I wish to spend warming myself by the lodge fire during a ski day has increased along with my age.

6. I have quadricep muscles that, apparently, I haven't used in quite some time. They have officially registered a protest.

7. Ski school for kids is a really, really good idea. Check them in, completely inexperienced at 10am and pick them up at 3pm, all ready to ride the lift with you!

8. If the zipper on your child's parka decides to break on a ski day, it is far better for it to do so before you are up on top of the mountain, when you are still in the vicinity of a large chain store with bargain prices.

9. It is more fun to ski when it is not actually snowing, although it does make the ride nice and powdery.

10. Skiing is like riding a bicycle--after a run or two, it feels like no time whatsoever has passed.

11. I'm really glad we live only 45 minutes from the Mountain High ski area.

12. Our family, finances and babysitting permitting, will be returning to the slopes again soon!


jen said...


You're funny Suz :)

Annie Bizzi said...

You're a better woman than me...I sold my ski's at a ski swap after the birth of my second child!

Anonymous said...

Suz, this is too funny!
Mike loves to ski and I love to try and just keep up with Hailey on the slopes. How is my 7 year old a better skier than her Mom? We try to make our way to Mammoth as much as we can to stay at Mike's folks' place. Your list is so true. Your age stands out when you show up without a board and the current style pants are nowhere near as flattering as our ones from 10 years ago..so true! Glad to hear you had a great time! I for one, am all about the drinks afterward!