Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's a Chicken-Egg Thing

I'm not sure, really, which came first--the incredibly painful knot in my neck or the realization that my refrigerator, after limping along for some time, finally died a total and complete death.

I first realized that the refrigerator was on its way down last night just before bed, because the ice I grabbed for my last glass of water was wet and soft. Having been through sporadic thaws and even heat-ups with this only-two-year-old refrigerator several times before, I snapped into action and frantically shuttled my perishables to the garage fridge. Don't EVER buy a GE fridge, folks, because our last one did this too, at only 18 months old! (The one in the garage, for the record, is a reliable 12 year old Kenmore). It is a good thing I did this because by this morning, the otter pops I left in the freezer were liquid and warm and the control panel was flashing in a mocking manner.

So, you see, it is possible that the neck knot developed overnight due to the tension I felt simply knowing what was coming.

On the other hand, it is possible that the refrigerator, evil incarnate as far as I'm concerned, knew deep in its wiring that today I would have this terrible neck knot and so, therefore, it was the best day possible to cease working.

I suppose we will never know the truth. But what I do know is this: I spent today alternately popping largely ineffective ibuprofen tablets and going from store to store trying to find the largest refrigerator I could find to fit in my the best possible deal, of course.

Did I mention Jay was out of town? He often is when I have refrigerator crises. Lucky man.

At any rate, our new 26 cubic foot Samsung fridge will be delivered tomorrow and, no matter how much your neck hurts or how tired you are, that is something to get excited about. I love new appliances!

So, although I wouldn't have chosen to make a purchase like this right now, I am determined to enjoy the fruits of it. I plan to kick the old GE fridge hard enough to leave a dent on its way out, and just the thought of this small act of revenge is sure to give me pleasure for weeks to come.

That is, of course, if the stiff neck allows for this level of activity. But, you know? Somehow I think it will better tomorrow.


Jen Savard said...

Hey Suz- We also bought the Samsung fridge when our fridge went out last year. I LOVE IT!!! Our old fridge chose to stop working right after I had gone to the grocery and Costco to stock up for company that was due to arrive in less than 48 hrs! I am a big stickler on firearm safety but I must confess I let Jeffrey take a few good shots with his bb gun as I watched gleefully. Here is the amusing kicker which I am sure Jay will find funny....I chose the Samsung for how large it is, Jason chose it because at the time he was going to get a Samsung t.v. and wanted the fridge to match the t.v.!! Of course we ended up with a mitsubishi t.v.!!

Maude said...

The only appliances I've ever had the pleasure of buying were our washer and dryer. I keep hoping our dishwasher will die so I can replace it with one I like, but it just keeps on keepin' on :)

I am sadly fearful of your next post..."Why my foot is broken..."

Annie Bizzi said...

With 6 kids and a gigantic dog, I would think you could come up with something really clever to do to the good-for-nothing fridge! We have a GE and it has been dismantling itself piece by piece...first the floor vent, then the drawers, and currently a sharp piece of plastic jets out from the handle making opening the thing quite painful at times! But of course its so cold here, I can pretty much store all my perishables in the garage!

Anonymous said...

The box the refrigerator comes in is also something to look forward to for as long as it takes the little nippers to destroy it. My dad worked in a refrigerator factory and the boxes were the most fun thing ever. Rocket ships, castles and forts. At least you didn't get another GE. My refrigerator is looking at me with sad eyes but the breaking down washer and dryer will get attention first. Victor always seems to be gone when the rain pours down and the pumps need putting in the driveway. Oh, well it makes us tough eh! Love to all. Happy Birthday Lindsey. Kate