Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I Guess I Shouldn't Have Been Surprised

When I picked up the kids from school yesterday, I enthusiastically shared my news of the clinical trial and the new drug. As I drove, I explained how lucky I was to be in the trial and how promising the treatment was. They were definitely happy for me, I think mostly because they could see how happy I was about it all.

I was going along, outlining all the good things that this meant for us when I came to one of the best parts: that I wasn't going to lose my hair after all. I paused and waited for them all to join me in what I was sure would be a unanimous cheer.

Well, it was unanimous, alright, but it was not a cheer. Instead, it was a groan. With a few "awwwws!" thrown in.

I looked at them in total surprise and quickly learned that they were all actually looking forward to my bald head and had been deciding on my behalf exactly what was to be tattooed on it.

Apparently I have ruined the only fun they saw in this whole cancer thing.

(Sorry, guys.)


Tiffany Hayes said...

What a trooper you are. Kids always amaze us don't they? By the way, you can tell them there is no way your doctor was gonna alllow you to get a tatoo anyway.
Much love and prayers to you and your family.

Tina said...

Thanks for the confirmation of the goofey thinking of children. They really do keep you laughing and grounded. BTW, what tag line was most popular? "World's greatest Mom"? or another thought is to get the "eyes" that all children believe are already there anyway.

Dawn Farias said...

You're joking! Stinkers..

Mike said...

Dear Suzanne,
You are in my heart,thoughts and prayers everyday. I am glad you get to keep your hair. However, wouldn't it be so much easier not to have to do it everyday? You are wonder woman. Stay strong! Love Always your Friend, Sarah McCormick

Anonymous said...

Suzanne - I came back from my annual trip to the DSUSA ski trip and caught up with this great news! I wish you a great first "kill day" on Monday. Stay Strong.