Thursday, December 17, 2009

Can't Stay Awake

After an initial hurrah over my mild side effects, I have since taken to bed and can hardly get up.

Today, for instance, I got up at 6:30, went to mass, loaded the dishwasher, hit my bed again by 10am and have not removed myself since. I have been sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping some more. I did not know anyone could sleep this much, especially me who rarely even sits.

Last night I drove myself to mass (I definitely have a much-needed mass theme going on) and then fell asleep in the parking lot, taking a good 20 minute snooze before I could muster the energy to walk across the street and into the church. I feel like a narcoleptic!

Nothing serious here, folks. This could be way worse, I know. But as soon as I sit up I feel weak, nauseous and head-achy, all of which disappears when I sleep. Therefore, sleep is my good friend.

I, who LOVE to eat, is forcing myself on doctors orders to put down three square meals. This may be the strangest part of all, as generous people are filling my kitchen with food that looks so good. Normally, I would be ALL OVER this! Luckily the 8 others in the family are, and I am so grateful to not be thinking of what to feed them right now.

As I sleep, I imagine the cancer killing going on inside me and, believe me, my dreams are sweet as a result.


Bianca said...

I am glad you have friends and family who are able to be there and support you and your family during this time. Take the time to rest and sleep as much as you need. We continue to pray for you and the family and I will add a special petition for an energy boost to come your way next week around this time! :-)

May you have sweet dreams tonight!

Bianca :-)

Janet said...

If you're this tired, then the new drug must really be working. Think how tired those cancer cells are of growing!

annalisa said...

Oh Suzanne,

I sooo appreciate reading your funny and upbeat, glass-half-full, observations....I wonder if I'd become a cancer tyrant if I were in your shoes! I love that you are taking it all out on those nervy stinkin' cancer cells. Ha on them is right! (my vindictive side gets to feel appeased.)

May God allow you a tiny peek into the world of spiritual warfare, where your sacrifice, united with the cross of Jesus would take your breath away...

We all came down with the barfy flu after JP, and I thought of you a lot! We are with you in spirit and solidarity.



Julie said...

Dear Suzanne,
Just checking in - sleep on and let that drug take down the cancer!
Lots of love,

karen said...

You are in my prayers. God bless you and your family. Sweet dreams.