Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, this year for the first time in my adult life I did not send out Christmas cards, so this is our official family Christmas greeting. Merry, merry Christmas to all!

Thanks to Robin, my wonderful neighbor, who corralled the kids for this photo. If she hadn't, I fear there would be no annual photo at all. And I'm so glad there is!

This is particularly amusing to Jay and I, as it marks the second Christmas photo in a row where Bella had to be held up from the bottom to be in the photo. Every group picture we have of her shows her screaming. She does not like to conform, that's for sure.

At any rate, I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and amazingly wonderful New Year. I think 2010 is going to be a GREAT year!


Annie Bizzi said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you all!
Love always,
the Grand Finales

Sarah McCormick said...

Love the picture! Don't feel bad this is my first year I did not send out Christmas cards as well. We are two peas in a pod. Next Year, right. Merry Christmas, Sarah McCormick

Le said...

Merry Christmas to your family! Love the photo and before I read your comment, I noticed Jay's hands and was laughing that I have the original when she was younger. Did you learn that professional photo trick from Picture People?

Looking forward to excellent news in 2010! Merry Christmas to all! Le

KatieGirl said...

Dearest Suzanne, Jay and Clan DiSilvestri, Merry Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. I haven't gotten a Christmas card out in many years. I love the second year of Jay holding up Bella.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord what beauty!

Had all my beautiful "peeps" here (nine!) with us in Mill Valley. Starting to say some "goodbye's". Starting to think about getting closer to home, and maybe even closer to you where a new job beckons...

Thought about you a lot last night Suzanne. After reading your posts I reflect upon our Lady and her ability to be so strong, so "up for it". Daughter of the are in the palm of his are your beautiful ones. Keep being like incense, offering, offering, offering. What grace this brings to our parched earth!

You and yours are in my (our) hearts tonight.


Anna Lisa

jen said...

They are beautiful! Merry Christmas Suz and Family!!

Bianca said...

Merry Christmas Di SIlvestri Family!!! I love the family pic! It is perfect just the way it is!!!

I look forward to hopefully seeing you in February when we are down in So Ca.
Love, The Hennagers

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I love it! Merry Christmas to you and the whole family! -Angela

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture! I too smiled when I saw little Bella and remembered last year's photo..

There is so much life and love in that photo. Thanks to you and Jay and your neighbor (and the kids)for taking the photo and sharing it with us. We love seeing them each year!

We're thinking of you often and keeping the prayers for you a flowin'

Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year!!
Love Donna

Toni P. said...

Hi again,
Ahhh... technology! Your family picture is beautiful! Take it from one who knows (I am the oldest of 7 - my parents had 7 of us in 10 years) and we are extremely blessed to all be relatively healthy - including our parents (for the most part considering my dad will be 80 this year and mom 78). Anyway back to the Christmas picture... I wish we would have had digital cameras, computers, blogging, etc. back in "the olden days". We have only a very small handful (3? 4?) of family photos like this, that included all the sibs, and we cherish them (it wasn't easy to get all of us to hold still at the same time!). Believe me, your kids will cherish these pictures, too. You are an awesome mom! May God bless you abundantly and may you continue to feel His healing and comforting presence throughout the new year!
Love and prayers, Toni