Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

She loved her cake. She loved her gifts. She loved it when we sang Happy Birthday. How typical of this delightful, happy child who is so easy to please!

Natalie, I cannot believe it was only a year ago that we welcomed you into the world, as it now seems a lifetime ago. You were absolutely meant to be in our family and the world is a better place because you are here, beautiful daughter!

Natalie received the best gift of all from her doctor yesterday...official release from her hip abduction brace! Her hip angles, while still not perfectly proportional, are below threshold levels for treatment, so she is free at last. Her doctor will check her in a year, then in two years to be sure things are correcting on their own, which they often do from this point on. We are cautiously optimistic that her treatment is over and delighted that she is now free to begin walking and continue crawling unfettered.

Happy birthday, Natalie Lucia. Your name literally means "light of Christmas", but please know that for us you light up the rest of the year as well.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday my cuddly little friend! We love you & Alyssia sends you a great big kiss!

antonia said...

happy birthday!

RizMarsella said...

Just want you to know, Suzanne, that I keep you in my prayers. Praying that you don't feel too much discomfort as you embark on chemo and the Her2 therapy. - Riz

annalisa said...

Kisses to your beautiful little angel. There's nothing like baby love is there? Somehow my last comment didn't surface--leave it to me to be blog challenged!
OLMC church will be praying--I called the Poor Clares in SB today. Friends and family are passing the word on too. Look out cancer!
Anna Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... would that be chocolate? Happy Birthday baby girl.... See you soon with lots of kisses, beware ! :) Aunt Lori

Jen Savard said...

So glad I could be here for your special day!
Hugs and lots of chocolatey kisses!!
Auntie Jen