Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Thankful Than Ever

I am acutely aware of my blessings on this Thanksgiving Day. Never before have they seemed so bountiful...and fragile.

I don't belive I have ever been so thankful to simply be present at the table, sharing the meal with my family. Nor have I ever really appreciated the strength I had to help prepare the meal and clean up after it. But I did today.

I am beyond grateful for my marriage, unshaken by life's twists and turns, that will endure all things to come, and for my extraordinary husband who makes me a better person.

I am so very blessed by my seven healthy children. Today I delighted particularly in their observations and activities, and simply enjoyed the buzz of their circulating around me. (Until, that is, the buzz got so loud that it annoyed me, at which time I chased them all out of the kitchen unceremoniously.)

No one has ever been surrounded by a more supportive and loving community of family and friends, both near and far. I am thankful for every email and phone call and blog comment I have received, letting me know you are all thinking of me and wishing me well.

I am thankful for doctors and researchers, and for all who have traveled this road before me and helped to pave it.

But most of all I am thankful for my faith, which is strengthened through my own weakness. Without it, none of this would make sense.

Happy Thanksgiving--may your blessings be counted as many!


Allaire said...

We are thankful for you!
Please keep writing; you are
so gifted and talented.
Perhaps ask you doctors their
opinion on Kangen water & if
it would help stop cancer growing
as well. Blessings & Grateful, A & C in Carmel-by-the-Sea

Anonymous said...

I know your holiday was filled with love and joy, may God keep showering those blessing of His on you!

karen said...

God bless you and your family. You are in my prayers.

heathersutton said...

I recieved your blog from a mutual friend Kim. I too have breast cancer and am going to my 3rd cycle of chemotherapy on Tuesday at UCSF. I have had a bilat mastectomy and reconstruction. I have three girls age 4, 7 and 9. Much like you I have faith in Jesus that he is in control of everything and has a reason and a purpose for everything under the sun. Even though some days can be rough I pray that the Lord continues to pour out His grace and stregnth sufficient enough for each day. I will keep you in my prayers and be praying for your first round of chemo on Monday. PS. I too started drinking Kangen water. It might be worth looking into. I was skeptical at first but I do believe it help during chemo releasing the toxins out faster and for the future too. I'm sure you have a great support system but sometimes knowing someone going through it might help. Please contact me at any time. my blog is or you can get in touch with me on facebook. Take care.

Ms. Hinojosa said...

you bring a gulp to my throat every blog. all my love Suzanne. You are wonderful in so many ways.
xxoo, Jen

jen said...

Hey Suz-it's Jen! Love you!!

Great post about Thanksgiving, and your updates are really appreciated!
Larry, Audrey and I went to Great Wolf Lodge this Thanksgiving weekend and OH MY GOSH!
When you are feeing better, we all need to head over there, your kids will LOVE this:
Remember our waterpark trip to Palm Springs? HEE!
XOXO and thinking about you lots and lots!

anna lisa said...

Suzanne, I'm utterly stunned. I check in from time to time to laugh with you, but to find this news instead...Know that our whole family is storming heaven about this. You are all in our daily prayers and offerings. Little Charlotte was baptized today at Mt.Carmel. In virtue of this great day, we are asking Jesus and Mary for the gift of your healing. We are with you.