Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Because There Are Other Things In Life Besides CANCER!

I don't know what's wrong with my photo editor, but if you can focus on this microscopic image you will see that it is a photo of my very happy eldest son Joey, clutching his second consecutive Superbowl trophy. It was earned last Saturday in a complete domination (28-0 I think) of the Jets, his team's long time Rivals. The boys end their regular season undefeated and, all told, it has been 22 games since they have lost. As wonderful as this is, it's starting to get a little boring...we haven't seen a really close game in a year!

In search of a challenge, the Rebels will be traveling to the Jr. Rose Bowl next week in Anaheim where they will attempt to defend their title as champions. In addition, they play the Superbowl champs of the Los Angeles Youth Football League on December 12th.
Thank goodness it's still football season around here, because it is a great distraction for the whole family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

Just dropping in to tell you that you are in my prayers.
I offered the Mass a rosary for you yesterday. And, a lot of people are praying for you up here in NorCal.

Praying for a miracle for YOU!


jen said...

Congratulations Joey-good luck to you!!
Happy Thanksgiving Family-much love to you all!!!

Jen, Audrey and Larry

Jen Savard said...

YEAH!! I am so proud of you Joey! I am also so excited that I get to be there for your Dec. 12 game!

Loretta said...

Go Joey!!!

nicole said...

Yea! Football is so fun to watch, but I will confess to being hesitant to let my boys play. It seems so rough! Baseball is more my speed. :)