Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hint Taken

Okay, okay, here are the photos of the kids in their costumes...I can take a hint!

Lindsey the Eskimo carried Pooh Bear Bella all around her school's carnival. It was very sweet.

Sam the hot dog...

Sam was nice enough to loan Tony his football gear so he could be an official player, just like his big brothers.

Julia was a beautiful flamenco dancer.

And here are the girls dressed for the All Saints Day mass at school. Lindsey is Mary and Julia is St. Rachel the Matriarch. Not sure Mary ever wore black sneakers under her mantle, but, hey, she probably didn't have P.E. in the middle of her afternoon, either.

Joey did not really "do" Halloween this year, so no photo of him. He wore his football pads to school and went trick or treating as "the Ultimate Steelers fan" in his Jersey and belt.
I never even dressed Natalie in her clown costume. Some mom I am! She is just so wiggly and drooly that I opted for practical, regular clothes. Clearly she is the seventh child, poor deprived thing!
Hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween...and Merry All Saints Day!

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jen said...

These pictures deserve a comment-sorry for this being a month late!
They are adorable. Love all of the costumes-the hotdog is funny-HEE!