Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's All in How You Phrase It

We were all sitting around the dinner table the other night when Julia burped. Loudly, without restriction.

Now, Jay and I are soft in many areas (sweets, TV, for example) but table manners is not one of them, so we reacted immediately.

I said, incredulously, "Julia, did you just BURP at the dinner table?" in my best "How Could You!" tone, while Jay shot his famous "Dad is Disappointed with You" glare.

She looked up innocently and said, "No!"

"What was that, then?" I asked skeptically.

"Just air coming out of my mouth," she replied without missing a beat.

When the hysterical laughter burst out around the table I knew my chances for discipline were slipping. When Jay and I couldn't help joining the laughter, they were completely dashed.

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KatieGirl said...

That is so funny! Our dinner table challenge is having them sitting on their bums.