Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We Made It

We have arrived in San Antonio...and none too soon, if you ask me. Now, who could have guessed that driving 1400 miles with 5 children 8 and under would be anything other than 100% fun?

Seriously, the kids did pretty well, all things considered, and so did mom since dad decided, literally as we were hugging him goodbye on Saturday morning, that he was going to come with us. He had a "God Breeze", as we call these inspirations, that he should come. We are so glad he did, as it made the trip so much easier having 2 adults...especially since Lindsey developed what we thought was a bladder infection on day 2 which necessitated a stop every hour. A forced diet of cranberry juice solved the problem, thankfully.

Yesterday we spent the day at my uncle's ranch near Carlsbad, New Mexico. Of course, we visited the caverns, which were truly amazing. The ranch itself was almost too much fun for the kids to handle. They rode an ATV, canoed and swam in the swimming hole, found turtles, frogs, fish, bugs and snakes, watched the horses (they couldn't ride because it was too muddy from the night-before rain), made smores at the bonfire by the creek, played croquet, etc., etc., etc. I will post some photos of this amazing day when we return home.

I was very glad they had the break in the middle of the long drive and had the chance to see a life quite different than the one we have in our California housing tract. It was fun to visit, but it must be so much work to live on the ranch and actually make it run. I have new respect for my uncle and the work he does there!

Here's to a few days of not driving and enjoying beautiful San Antonio, Texas!


nutmeg said...

Welcome to Texas, y'all!

Sooo glad your husband decided to join you....I've been worried! ;)

It sounds like you had a great time in New Mexico. I'm jealous that you have family that owns a ranch! We have friends in Wisconsin who own a farm and we love to visit, but it's so hard to get up there! My boys are in heaven when we go....

Praying for safe travel on your return trip...

lurker said...

Welcome to San Antonio! Here's a link to the county's parishes:


We go to Holy Spirit...it's a great church and the new pastor sings beautifully...it's almost like we're watching a Broadway play ABOUT being in a Catholic mass!

Enjoy your stay!

elisa said...

What wonderful childhood memories for Joey, Lindsey, Sam and Julia. Each day is an adventure.

Miss you all.


Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

Thanks for the hearty Texas welcome and especially for the link to SA parishes. So far we have visited St. Matthew's, St. Mark's and Holy Trinity. We also admired St. Anthony's by the river walk but did not make a mass. We will try to make it to Holy Spirit, maybe for the Sat vigil. Thanks for the recommendation!

Renee said...

Kids love to travel now, considering how great mini vans are. We took a trip Christmas Eve into Christmas morning from Massachusetts to West Virginia. My two little one were actually awake for the majority of it.

Did you have a DVD player with you?