Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nuns and a Disco Ball

Tonight Jay and I attended a dinner hosted by the Knights of Columbus honoring the religious leaders of our community. There were priests, nuns, deacons, brothers, and lay people mixed throughout the room.

It is amazing how many religious orders call this desert of ours home (I told you the desert is the place to come to get close to Christ!). We have the Carmelite Sisters, the Benedictine Brothers of Saint Andrew's Abbey and another order of nuns, perhaps Dominicans, although I am not certain. We are surrounded by holy people!

The ever-jovial Knights presented a magician/entertainer in addition to a very nice dinner, and this made for an interesting evening.

As the performance began, the lights went down and the disco ball lit up, illuminating the center table, which was predominately populated by nuns. Jay leaned over and whispered, "I have never before been in a room that contained both nuns and a disco ball. This is definitely a first." I had to agree.

After the magician got rolling with his act, he called up a Dominican (?) Sister to assist him with a card trick. The audience was enjoying the anomaly of this scene when asked her to think of a card, any card, which she apparently did. He did his magic, selected his card and asked her to reveal the card she thought of. She answered "Christmas card." The magician almost came undone, and so did the audience, as she was completely sincere!

The magician pressed on with her, and it soon became apparent that she had never seen a deck of cards (or a magic show for that matter) and was therefore unable to assist him in any way. At one point she identified a nine of Spades as a "lucky 9". She was a great sport, even when the magician milked it for all it was worth throughout the show.

Since my dance club days are long over, I fear from now on I will always associate disco balls with nuns. A bit of a disconnect, don't you think?


Jen said...

Arrgghh!! And I thought I held the honor of the disco ball memory. That's okay, if I'm going to be trumped by anyone a nun is an honor!:)

glorybe said...

This is hilarious! I love it!