Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rare Moment

This is rare indeed...a moment of shared interest and complete harmony among the siblings.

I nearly dropped what I was carrying when I reached the top of the stairs this afternoon and saw all the children together, cooperating, while working a computer game. They were not fighting over the mouse, over whose turn it was, over which game to play. In fact, they were not fighting at all. Simply helping eachother solve the puzzle at hand. Wow!

I ran for the camera, determined to capture the moment, and am so pleased that I actually did.

Naturally, it did not last forever. But suspended in that moment was the greatest of all things: hope for the future. Hope that my kids will grow up to be close to one another, hope that they will be well-versed in sharing and taking turns, hope that they will be full of concern for the success of others.

Hope. It's a good thing!


Michelle said...

they are beautiful, too.

maggie said...

I'm the oldest of 5, we're all a year apart, I can't remember a time when we weren't all fighting, but for some reason my folks have so many pictures that look JUST LIKE THAT ONE. Yours are adorable. It must be so much fun. I have to say, we couldn't stand each other when when we were kids, but we're all friends now.

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

This gives me great comfort. I am an only child so I can't imagine how kids who bicker so much could ever hope to be friends later in life!

Glad to know you are close with your siblings now. I can only hope...:-)