Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday Family Movie Night: The Sandlot

Tonight's Selection: The Sandlot

Plot: IMDB Summary Here
More briefly, it is about boys, baseball and coming of age.

The Kids Thought: It was wonderful. They loved it. In fact, this was an encore performance brought on by multiple requests for it over the months since we first watched this movie. As Lindsey reminded us, this was the movie we chose for our very first family movie night last August when we moved to the desert. Julia (3) did not follow it too well, but ages 4 and up were enthralled.

The Parents Thought: Overall, this is a really good movie. There is a lot to like about it. But there is a reason that I let months go by without granting their request to see it again. This otherwise delightful movie, aimed at families, has several bad words in it. I don't know who in Hollywood thought it was a good idea to pepper s_ _ _ (along with a few other less offensive but equally crude words) into the language of young boys, but apparently someone did. There are about half a dozen objectional words throughout.

Obviously, the kids are eventually going to hear these words, so we handled this by explaining prior to screeing that there was some crude language in the film and that if we heard any of it repeated there would be soap bars inserted into mouths. This seems to have been effective, as I have heard nothing of it from either the first or subsequent screening. They seemed to not even notice, so much were they involved in the story.

There is also a subplot involving an appealing lifeguard which is a little edgy for what I want our kids watching, but Jay tells me I need to lighten up on that, and I believe him. If I could, I would cloister my children from the outside world, but Jay keeps me in balance by reminding me that we have to teach them to live successfully and morally within it.

Overall rating: A-


Michelle said...

Our Friday night family movie was "Daddy Daycare." Rated PG for language, although all I really noticed was OMG constantly, which annoys me to no end. The kids thought it was funny, and there were some amusing scenes, but I am so disappointed in modern family comedies requiring toilet humor and crotch kicking. Kids are funny enough without resorting to crude humor.

Jen said...

I agree with the crude humor being not necessary. Our last family night was Chronicles of Narnia and we all loved it, even Jeffrey. Our oldest who is 12 totally understood the symbolism an deverything. We rate it an A+.

Tina said...

You're killing me Smalls. I've obviously seen it many times and I know you know why. Love Ya!

a fan of that movie said...

Not to mention the "beast" was very Pumba like !! "ooohhhh, Big Doggy!!"