Wednesday, June 14, 2006


No mirror can offer a truer reflection of oneself than a three year old's observations.

This morning I was shaving my legs when Julia joined me in the bathroom.

Julia: "What are you doing?"
Mom: "Shaving my legs."
Julia: "Why?" (Why, indeed?!)
Mom: "To get rid of the pokey hair so I can have nice, smooth skin."
Julia: "Oh, so you won't be like daddy."
Mom: "Right."


Julia: "What is this green?" (with a decided note of disgust)
Mom: "A varicose vein."
Julia: "Why?" (as if I inserted a bumpy green snake into my leg by choice)
What Mom Thinks: "It is yet another cruel torture of multiple pregnancies"
What Mom Says: "Just 'cuz" (an effective answer for her so far, so I'm sticking with it)
Julia: "Oh."


Julia: "What is this red?"
Mom: "More vein stuff."
Julia: "Oh."


Julia: "What are these holes?"
Mom: "Pores."
Julia: "Oh. What are these brown dots?"
Mom: "Freckles."
Julia: "Oh."

And I thought my legs were still in pretty good shape. Silly me. Well, at least she stopped at the legs and didn't complete a full-body assessment. This time.

I really need to get a lock on the bathroom door.


Michelle said...

Yeah, wait until she compares how much (and where) your body hair is compared to her!

glorybe said...

I can so relate to this!
When my daughter was around five, she noticed my gray hair when I was bending down to pick up something from the floor. She said, "Mom you have to color that. It is scary to see you have gray hair. It means you are old and could die soon."

Yes, I went out and bought a bottle and colored it right away.

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

OK, I feel better. Thanks for the perspective and (I must admit) a chuckle!

Renee said...

My daughter was checking out armpit hair just today!