Monday, March 30, 2015

Whales and Dolphins and Seals, Oh My!

Our family went whale watching on Saturday!  We had a wonderful time cruising out of the Santa Barbara harbor on a 50' catamaran called the Double Dolphin on an absolutely perfect day.

All of us were aboard, even grandma, except for Lindsey who has a strong aversion to deep ocean water and a significant fear of whales.  After trying to convince her for many days, we ended up leaving her at the harbor with a friend and the two of them were perfectly happy to go to the beach and the pier. Although we certainly would have preferred to be all together on the boat, at least we had the ride.

Here are some pictures of our day...we saw about seven Pacific Grey Whales, a seal and a pod of about 100+ dolphins who played in our wake and delighted us all.

Really, the only bummer of the day was that Natalie was sick.  She had been feverish on Friday but when she woke up Saturday I thought she was better.  About an hour after the boat left she got very cold and up went the fever again.  I didn't bring any kid's Tylenol with me, so for about an hour of the cruise she was bundled up sleeping on my lap.  But she did see the whales and dolphins and got a good deal of the experience before she went down.  Oh, and also, my mom lost her phone.  That was another bummer.  I'm still hoping it will show up, but it wasn't left on the boat nor in in our car and it is "offline" on Find my iPhone even though it had nearly a full charge.  Therefore, I'm afraid it might have gone overboard in the excitement.

After the cruise we went to the Palm Sunday vigil mass at the Santa Barbara Mission (so beautiful!) and out to dinner at Giovanni's in Isla Vista.  We had a chance to drive the kids through the UCSB campus, show them where Jay and I met, and relive our favorite pizza place ever.  I was a little dismayed to realize it had been 25 years since I had been there.  Hard to believe.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time and would like to thank Grandpa Marty for gifting our family the money to "do something fun together" at Christmas time.  We spent it well!

P.S.  If you ever want to whale watch out of Santa Barbara, I highly recommend Santa Barbara Sailing Co.  They were fantastic, low key with all the small kids aboard and super talented in finding the aquatic mammals!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I wish I would have known that you were going. The husband of one of the gals at work takes the Double Dolphin out. That may have been one of his charters!! Sounds like you guys had fun, even with Natalie being sick. Hope she's feeling better now. Give her a kiss from Aunt Lori. Miss you all..... xo

Jen Savard said...

When I think of whale watching out of S.B. I think of our middle school field trip! I personally think Lindsey made the right choice! I would have been happy shopping and beaching it with her!
Love to all!!
Auntie Jen