Monday, March 16, 2015

The Three Month Cold/Flu

It started in December with Joey.  He came down with the worst cough I have ever heard and missed a full week of school.  He is still coughing, though it is not nearly as bad as it was.  He has a sore throat still or again today but is "powering through it."  Yes, he has been to the doctor.

The last two weeks it has been Lindsey.  She was out two days last week, seemed to recover, then got slammed again last night and is absolutely miserable.

Today I got a call from Tony's school.  He was out two days last week, seemed better, but was not at school for even two hours before I got the call to come get him.  He spent the day sleeping and watching movies wrapped in a blanket in our very warm house.  If you know Tony, he never stops moving so if he is still most of the day on the couch, he is not well.  His came with a fever.

Bella has been out during the last month but seems to be fine now. Natalie has picked up a little cough but keeps going like the Energizer Bunny.  Jay has been grounded for a week with an infection.  Julia and Sam have both missed a day or two during this time period as well.  I haven't had this much company at home during the day since Natalie began school two years ago!

This has been a particularly nasty cold and flu season for our family and the worst part is that is comes then goes and comes back again.  I am starting to think the kids are passing it around and around, that we have a bug that has learned to morph itself just enough to present the bodies with a fresh illness every other week.

I, myself, have so far stayed out of the fray.  I, the immunosuppressed member of the family.  In fact, I have been remarkably free of colds and flus for the last five years or so.  It is my theory that any virus that enters my body is immediately crushed by the constant bath of chemicals that my blood transports.  But that is just my theory and I'm sure there is no medical support for this idea at all.

At any rate, I am not really complaining, but rather reporting on our family life as it is.  Although I have had to skip some regular activities that take me out of town to stay close to the sickies at home, it is a blessing to spend some extra time (and mellow time!) with them. individually or in pairs as was the case today.

Stay healthy, y'all!  (Spent too much time with Jennifer-from-Texas last weekend, apparently.)

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