Monday, March 23, 2015

My Little Woman

Lindsey just finished her second play as part of the Drama Club at Paraclete High School...Little Women!  

Her first play was in the fall, Damn Yankees, in which she had a minor part.  This time, however, she had a much larger role.  She played Amy March, the youngest March sister.  If you are familiar with the tale, you will know that she is the daughter who ends up marrying Laurie, the rich boy next door.

If I do say so myself, she was wonderful!  She has a natural stage presence, doesn't overact and can be wickedly funny.  She also sings beautifully, although this play was not a musical.  Here are some photos of the event:

Lindsey with her cast
(she is in the middle with the pink dress)
((if you look closely you can see Julia and Natalie in the front row))

With her hubby, Laurie

With the other March girls, Meg, Jo and Beth

Lindsey has really transitioned well to high school and the school's amazing drama department is a huge part of why that is.  She "found her people" there and made a new group of friends that will see her through her years at Paraclete, to go along with the friends that came with her from her nine years at Sacred Heart.

Jay and I feel very blessed to see her so happy and confident at 15, an age that everyone knows can be very challenging to pass through.  We are proud of how she went after drama with such gusto that she was able to secure a main role as a freshman in a mostly senior cast.

She is now learning the songs for her spring musical, The Heights.  This one is new to me, but I am enjoying the modern music and plot.  I can't wait to see it!  

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Jen Savard said...

I wish I could have seen her perform! She is SERIOUSLY gorgeous! Hope Jay keeps a shotgun handy! :)