Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Julia the "Giant"

Julia has grown very tall very quickly.  She is not yet twelve but is already taller than Lindsey who is 15.  I am happy to see my children growing healthy and strong, yet for a gymnast it can be problematic.

Her body has changed so much that she has had to re-learn how to do a few things in the gym.  A taller body has to be stronger in order for it to turn itself around.  I would imagine that many people in her situation would slow down or give up, but not her!  She is in the gym 13.5 hours a week and conditions at home every day on her own accord.  This girl is strong!  Instead of slowing down, she is speeding up, learning new skills nearly every week.

April 12th will be the last meet of her Level 6 season, the State Championship in San Diego.  This has not been her best competitive season, partly due to a fractured big toe, and partly due to her rapid growth, both of which caused her to lose some skills she had at the beginning of the season.  My guess is that she lost some confidence along the way, but she has persevered and is coming back strong.  I loved seeing her character come through, both when she received solid scores and not-so-great scores.  She was fairly unruffled by the bad and never bragged about the good.  I am very proud of how even-keeled she is and how she doesn't get down on herself when she posts a bad routine.  She just resolves to do better next time and immediately wants to know what we are going to eat after the awards.

Her coach sent me this video of her doing her first independent GIANTS on the bar without being strapped to it.  I am constantly amazed at what she can do.

Go Julia!

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