Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What A Difference A Year Makes

Today is Jay's birthday.

It was a very good day, if I may be so bold as to speak for Jay in summarizing his own birthday. Jay worked from home, at a job he loves that provides what our family needs. He took his dog for a walk in the desert. He had his favorite prosciutto sandwich for lunch. He went to mass. He interacted with both immediate and extended family throughout the day. The best part of all? This very nice day wasn't much different from most days at this point in our lives.

I could not help but think, as the day progressed, how much better this March 21st was than the last one was. Last year at this time we were worried about a lot of things. Jay was forecasting the need for a major job change and did not find the day to day joy he sought in his work. We were concerned about Joey's school situation, as he was not thriving. We owned an albatross of a house that would not sell. Just one year later, these things have all resolved, our prayers answered for each one.

For me, however, the most striking difference between last year's birthday and today's was the going-out-to-dinner part. Like last year, we left the kids at home so Jay and I could go out for a nice dinner. Also like last year, dinner had to be later than we would have liked because we had to be at church for a meeting or event. Unlike last year, though, tonight we actually made it to the restaurant!

One year ago tonight, as we were on the way to dinner, a car ran a red light and hit us, deploying the air bags and breaking my wrist. We spent the evening of Jay's birthday in the emergency room instead of the restaurant. Tonight, in sharp contrast, we had delicious Argentinian food: tapas, pasta and steak.

Last year I had morphine, x-rays and Anointing of the Sick (no, I wasn't THAT injured...our priest happened to walk by me as I sat in agony on the gurney in the hall, which was nice!). Tonight I had red wine and creme brulee instead. Better? I'd say so!

Happy birthday, honey. It's your day. So, why does it feel as if I got all the presents?!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jay!

Love, The Keidels