Monday, March 19, 2007

Too Young for A Cold

But I guess this is just my opinion--the bacteria don't share it. They have found fertile ground and they are diving in.

Sure enough, poor 3 week old Isabella is snorting and sneezing, and it is breaking my heart. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the germ-ridden older siblings who grab her little hands with their dirt encrusted paws (even when repeatedly instructed to wash their hands before doing so). But would I have them love her less? Of course not. Their adoration is too precious and all-too-temporary, as I know from experience. As soon as she is mobile she will annoy them, so she'd better soak in this loving while she can!

I am making myself feel better about her plight by focusing on all the great immunities she is building up. But listening to her rasp while attempting to breath through her nose is quite sad. Get better soon, Isabella, so we can both sleep better!

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