Sunday, March 18, 2007

(Not Too) Sweet News, and Other Tidbits

I got the results of my postpartum glucose testing, and the news is delightful. My gestational diabetes resolved itself! My numbers were very good, not at all borderline, so I am thrilled and relieved. Yipee!

I can't believe that once again it has been a full week since I have posted. What have I been doing, you might ask? Not much besides laundry. As much laundry as five children and two adults generate, a newborn noticeably adds to it. I used to spend the breaks between homeschooling lessons answering emails or something similar, but now I just rotate laundry. I looked forward to Saturday all week as the one day I have to just catch up on laundry without having to tend to other obligations (scary, but true). I have strategically placed a crucifix in my laundry room to help remind me to cheerfully offer up this labor. It helps.

I have been enjoying life oh-so-much-more now that I am no longer pregnant. The kids have been making me laugh a lot lately, and I wonder, have they always been this funny or am I just in a much better mood now? I have a sneaking suspicion it is the latter since Joey asked me somewhat suspiciously last week, "Why aren't you grumpy, mom?" when he caught me laughing about something. Hmmm... Anyway, they have been delighting me with their sweet personalities and amusing turns of phrase.

Tony is learning new words every day, but it is not fast enough for him. He is ready to talk and gets so animated trying to communicate with long strings of non-sensical syllables interjected with one or two intelligible words. Our family favorite is when he comes running to one of us, pointing accusatorily behind him, saying something like, "ar buh jogruh DOG ibwa due BAD DOG!" Tony loves to torture the dog by climbing on him and throwing things at him, and Trooper is generally extremely patient with him. In fact, Tony spends a portion of each day "waterskiing" on the tile holding on to Trooper's tail. So, Tony's total outrage when the dog does something back to him--like take a ball from him or eat some food he has dropped--is very funny to us all.

Julia is in a phase where she thinks she speaks like an adult and will say fairly adult things, but messes up the words. It is so hard not to laugh, but we try not to because it hurts her feelings. A few days ago she was walking down the stairs on her heels and asked triumphantly when she reached the bottom, "Impressing, isn't it?" Yesterday she was asking when she would see her godparents again (the Bizzanellis) and she said, "When will we see the Grand Finales?" I love it!

Jay is just back from an Opus Dei retreat where he gave a talk on "Sanctifying Family Life". As you might imagine, he did not have to look far to find material. Plenty of opportunities on an hourly basis around here! Anyway, it is nice to have him back, peaceful and happy. I recommend retreats for everyone, as the dividends pay off for weeks after the fact for the entire family.

Enough aimless rambling for today. I'll try not to let another week go by without a new post, but I'm afraid I can't promise. You know, laundry and all.

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