Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Had to Share This

I didn't even know these existed, but what a difference this made in Tony's second haircutting experience.

The first time he got a haircut he cried and twisted, reaching for me the whole time. This time he couldn't have cared less if I was even in the room, so intent was he on steering that car (but not so intent that he let go of his sippy cup, you'll notice).

Anyway, this mom is sending out gratitude to whoever had this wonderful idea. Thanks for a peaceful salon experience. And, Cost Cutters, rest assured you have found yourselves some loyal customers. We'll be baaaaaack!


Maude said...

How cool is that???

Sure beats what my boys have to play with when they get their hair cut -- the hairdresser's comb!

Anonymous said...

Only in Lancaster !!
Cost cutters at that...