Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tony the Trash Man

One of our favorite things to do during Lent is attend the Knights of Columbus Friday Fish Frys. We eat really good fish, feed the whole family for very little, and see lots of our favorite people. The kids run around with kids they know from school or church, and Jay and I get lots of time to talk with other adults. What's not to like?!

Normally, some of the Knights walk the aisles of the crowded hall with rolling trash cans to collect garbage. This week, members of the first grade class at Sacred Heart School took over this duty with relish. They pushed and pulled and gleefully collected trash without tiring. The Knights thought this was great and so did the kids.

Tony, when he was done investigating the desert table and attempting nearly successfully to swipe it clean of its brownies, decided he needed to get in on this trash action. He loves to push things around the house (bar stools, benches, the laundry basket), so this was right up his alley. Before anyone could stop him, he had commandeered a trash can and was enthusiastically pushing it back and forth down the main aisle.

Naturally, Tony is too short to see over the trash can, so there was quite a bit of careening into tables and passersby. I had to follow him closely and gently direct the trash can without letting him know I was touching it. If he saw me even touch it, he erupted in howls of protest.

Some, who couldn't see Tony on the other side, found it alarming--and then amusing--to see a seemingly unattended trash can moving on its own.

Cute, right? For the first 15 minutes, yes. For the next hour and a half? Not so much. But he would not be deterred. And, luckily, most of the attendees thought it was very cute, even when the charm had faded for me.

Yesterday Jay and I were at Lowe's with Tony and Isabella, and we heard someone call across the paint aisle, "It's the trash man!" Tony beamed. I cringed, because I already know what next Friday will bring, and it's not me sitting down eating my fish while it's still hot.


Annie Bizzi said...

Cy's kindergarten aspiration was to be a garbage man and he told everyone about his dream. From there he decided to be a video store worker and now he is into graphic arts. At least Tony is getting it out of his system as a toddler!

Qtpies7 said...

Its really cute, but I know it would drive me nuts pretty quickly. And those little guys just don't ever get tired of it either!

Jen said...

He is SO cute!