Tuesday, September 19, 2006


For today, a few questions I have been pondering.

Why do one year olds with runny noses play contentedly all day until the exact minute you put on a pair of black pants for a meeting, and then decide to pull up on your leg and wipe their noses all over you?

Why is the grocery bag your little helper drops always the one with eggs in it?

Why do schools allow children to have chocolate milk on picture day?

Why, when your child is very well-behaved in class, do teachers move the worst-behaved child in the class to sit right next door? Do they think your child's good behavior will rub off on the poorly-behaved child? I'm inclined to think the opposite will be true and my hereto well-behaved child is about to get busted for messing around in class.

Why do groups host mandatory "informational" meetings that are interminable, require the hiring of a babysitter and could have easily been handled with a memo?

Why do terrible fires create such beautiful sunsets for those in the neighboring valley? Well, for this one, at least, I have an answer. Out of everything, comes some good, as is God's wonderful plan.

As for the rest of them...who knows?

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