Sunday, September 17, 2006

This and That

In the "She's Either Really Smart or Really Not, I Can't Tell Which" category:

Mom (observing 3 year-old Julia jumping off the arm of the recliner chair): Julia! You know better that that! We don't jump off furniture.

Julia (looking apologetic): Yes, mom.

A minute passes, while I am speaking with an adult and my attention turns away from the living room.

I refocus on the living room and see Julia perched once again in her jumping position.

Mom (in her "I Really Mean It" voice): Julia! I don't want to see you do that ever again.

Julia (no longer feigning apology and looking completely exasperated): Well, stop looking at me!

Now, why didn't I think of that? No witness, no crime. Smart girl or dumb criminal? You decide.


Speaking of dumb criminals, I can't stop laughing about my friend's 7 year old son who got in big trouble this week at his small Catholic school for carving his name into one of the freshly refinished picnic tables during lunch. He is the only one with his name in the school, so it wasn't hard for the yard duty to figure out who to punish. No, he didn't really think that one through.

I should clarify that the reason I am laughing is NOT because I think this will never happen to any of my children. As a matter of fact, this situation reminds me of something one of my children in particular might do someday. I suppose I am laughing because it is endearing and a good reminder that children are not adults and really do not have the same reasoning capacity. But, whatever the reason, I am still laughing.


Finally, in the "Shameless Maternal Bragging" category, I can't stop myself from reporting that the Green Monsters (U-6 AYSO soccer for those keeping track) have, after a sad and scoreless first game, posted a score this week. Two goals, both knocked in by my very own Sam "the animal" Di Silvestri. Now, I know this is U-6, there are really no scores kept, and I am supposed to acknowledge that this was entirely a team effort. So, forgive me when I say, "Woo-hoo, my kid can play soccer!!!" But he can, and I am glad for him because it makes him happy

I should probably mention that the second goal, had they been keeping real score, wouldn't have actually counted due to the illegal nature of the throw that preceded it. To be more specific, Sam was throwing in an out-of-bounds ball and took a running start with it that carried him about 6 feet into the playing field before he let go of the ball. This positioned him nicely for a solo run all the way down the field for a completely unfettered goal. He was so proud and had no idea he had done anything illegal because of the kind opposing coach who let it slide with only a muttered, "Hey, I don't think that really counts." Sam's complete determinism amused us all.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next week.

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Tina said...

I'm so glad you can laugh at the plight of that poor misguided child carving his name into the table top. At least his friend was smarter than he because the friend carved another's name into the table top and not his own. One of them almost used a brain cell. Could you bring Kyle's back please. I think he left it at your house with his googles.

Sad thing is he enjoyed the punishment of having to repaint the table. He thought that was fun!