Saturday, September 23, 2006

Good Weather, Happy People

I don't think there is anyone happier than me that fall is officially here. Here in the desert, we have long, hot summers, long, cold winters and about 20 minutes of delightful fall and/or spring weather in between. We are currently enjoying our few moments of loveliness, and I am appreciating each one.

It is not so cold that we must lug around jackets, but not so hot that I need to be sure I have a gallon of water along to prevent dehydration. Sitting in either the sun or the shade works fine, depending on how heavy our clothes are. Kids can really run and play without falling over with heat exhaustion, yet they don't catch cold the minute they stop because the sweat freezes on them.

I used to take this kind of weather for granted, having grown up around Santa Barbara, where it is perfect nearly every day. But now I know what a gift it is, and realize how much my mood is tied to the weather. Everything is easier when the weather is suitable.

Fall is my favorite season, and I am getting ready to turn on the oven, light the fires, and cozy up with good books (OK, maybe that part is in my dreams, but one can hope, right?). The leaves will turn their brilliant colors soon.

Our choir is practicing Christmas music (already!) and, unlike last year, I am welcoming the pending season. Life is more settled for us now so I can focus more on why we celebrate Christmas instead of all the things I have to do because of it.

Although life is never perfect and problems persist, it is easy to find happiness amidst it all when the weather is good. Here's to a nice, long autumn in the desert!


Suzanne Temple said...

Here in New England, my mood is very much affected by the weather. My mother always said, "Don't make any major decisions in February." You probably won't feel the same way about it in Spring.

Melissa said...

Fall is my favorite time of year, too! Hope you enjoy every minute of it!

nutmeg said...

Amen to Fall!

Its the time of year when we Texans OPEN our windows and doors and enjoy the fresh air! ( more A/C!)

We're starting our winter garden, and as a blogger friend Cubeland Mystic said once,

"To all you Northerners, see you around Memorial Day!"