Saturday, September 09, 2006

Firsts for Sam

The last few weeks have been filled with "firsts" for Sam. It's almost too much for a pregnant, emotional mother to take all at once!

First Day of Kindergarten

I can hardly believe that my 3rd child has begun school. Yet, here is the proof, as Sam and Lindsey were ready to walk out the door for their first day as a Kindergartener and a First Grader. Lindsey has been so sweet with Sam, showing him the ropes of the school and giving him lots of tips about his teacher and classroom, which were hers only a few short months ago.

First Pledge of Allegience in Class

No one here is threatening to take out "one nation under God", thank goodness! Rather, it was with gusto that the new Kindergarten class recited the Pledge of Allegience, causing even non-hormonal mothers to reach for the Kleenex.

First Game of First Real Sports Team

Sam is officially a Green Monster, as he is playing soccer for the first time. While his team did not fare so well today against the seemingly bionic Rattlesnakes, Sam himself made an excellent showing, earning the nickname "animal" from his coach. Could I be prouder? Not a chance. More than anything, it was his broad grin throughout the game that brought me joy.

As an aside, we brought chairs to sit on during the game, but as we settled into them we noticed that Tony was screaming and reaching to get out of his stroller. So we let him out and what do you think he did? Shoved his mother right out of her seat and claimed it for himself, happily watching most of the game perched in his very own lawn chair. Now, who could have predicted that? Next time, he gets his own chair, since I am now washing grass stains out of the seat of my shorts.

Welcome to boyhood, Sam. You are not a preschooler anymore. Now, give your poor mother a rest before you grow up any more, OK?

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antonia said...

awww!! What a cute little angel!