Monday, September 04, 2006

My Budding Narcissist

He can't talk, yet he sings. He can't stand unassisted, yet he performs with gusto. I think we're in trouble.

Yes, Joey's sing-along karaoke system has found new life in Tony, who crawls at breakneck speed from wherever he is in the house at the first sound of its switch being thrown. Upon arrival, he wrests the microphone from whomever was silly enough to turn it on when Tony is on the loose and proceeds to make loud, echoing "aaaaahhhhh" sounds for inconceivable stretches of time. He then howls in protest when, at last our tolerance has been exceeded, and someone turns it off.

Indeed, we were in need of a new sound to add to our cacophony...and now we have it. Watch out, American Idol, 2021!


Jen said...

If he is anything like hi mom his voice will be beautiful. You just have to get through the first years of caterwalping!! Ans since we are on the subject...I forgot to tell you Hannah was made a soprano in choir! Jason thinks it's fitting with the Italian heritage and all.I wonder with parents like us where did that voice come from!!? We miss you terribly and I wish we were all closer. Hannah needs the coaching of her beautifully voiced "auntie" .

Annie Bizzi said...

What a doll! They say it's good for the growing fetus to hear music, so let's just assume that Tony is doing his part to educate his new sibling.

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

My mistake--a philanthropist, not a narcissist!

antonia said...

aw! How precious!