Saturday, May 20, 2006

The New Family Member

We have a new member in our family: Skip the Guinea Pig.

I never intended to own a Guinea Pig, but I am guessing that is true of the majority of people who find themselves housing one.

But, really, he is not mine anyway...he is Joey's. Joey turned 8 today (have I really been a mother that long?!) and this was his birthday present from Jay and I.

Joey has been campaigning for a dog for a good year now, especially since our Mastiff died in December. But our new house doesn't have a yard yet and we cannot comfortably host a dog until it is properly set up.

So, we compromised and decided he could get a hamster. A nice, entry level rodent. Off we went to the pet store, where we were immediately won over by the guinea pigs instead. Unlike hamsters, they are awake during the day (a real plus for a boy who wants to play with him at every opportunity) and get to know and love their caregivers. Overall, they seem to be more of the companion that Joey wanted. Plus, Joey had just finished reading me the "Fluffy" books, which are about a guinea pig. So, I relented (although a "giant hamster" was not something I truly wanted) and home Skip came.

He has been with us for two days now, and I can't believe how much I like him! He already seems to know and trust Joey (though he'd reached his limit of handling by 7pm and was granted clemency for the rest of the night) and actually has a playful, fun nature. Joey is completely delighted so, naturally, so am I.

Happy birthday, Joey, and welcome to our family, Skip!


nutmeg said...

Happy Birthday to Joey, and Happy 8 years as a Mom to you!

I never knew guinea pigs could be such a good pet....

We have a cat who thinks he's a dog.....really. He *needs* to be pet during the day, loves to sleep where people are (even in the middle of the livingroom where the kids are playing!) and greets all guests by jumping up into their lap!

I guess we don't need any more affectionate pets. :)

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to Joey!

Jen said...

You could have ended with a ferret like our family. Hannah wanted a ferret and just our luck the people down the street were giving theirs up to a good home...enter us!

Jen said...