Thursday, May 25, 2006

And the Winner Is...

Taylor Hicks?!

OK, I realize that this news is 24 hours old now, but since I stayed up until midnight last night to watch the finale of American Idol (courtesy of Tivo, of course), I had to save this for today.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like Taylor Hicks just fine. He is fun. He is different. And he really, truly can sing. But is he the American Idol?

Jay summed it up perfectly when he said that Taylor would do better if it was a radio show. This is in no way a comment on his looks. He is a handsome enough fellow, and I like his signature gray hair. It goes well with his "Soul Patrol" persona.

My issue with Taylor is the painful expression he gets on his face and the slightly doubled-over position he assumes when he sings. He appears to be (and forgive me for my indelicacy) constipated. I have to look away because I can't bear to watch!

Oh, and his dance moves could use a little work as well.

Chris Daugherty should have been the American Idol. I really don't know what happened there, but I suppose I am not entitled to complain since I did not vote.

Katharine McPhee was lovely, both in song and in stage presence, but what was with the dresses she was stuffed into for the finale? I don't have a problem with form fitting clothes worn tastefully, but these were so tight that it was evident she could not breath properly (and they were less flattering because they were so tight). How could her father sit there and watch her when vital body parts were in danger of popping out at any moment? Maybe that was why he was really crying!

Yes, I admit that I love American Idol. There is something appealing about the "every man" having a chance to rise above. Plus, it is really fun to take bets on what Simon is going to say next. This is the only show that my whole family can and does watch makes me feel like we are a 1960s family, hunkered down in front of the tube to watch the Ed Sullivan show!

Good-bye, Season 5. It was a good one.

This is one family that will tune in for the 6th.


glorybe said...

Ha,ha,ha, about the body parts in danger of falling out! That cracked me up!

My oldest daughter is a huge fan, and believe it or not, my hubby too. I never like the "winner", so I am such a dud. LOL

Oh, by the way, I just noticed that you responded to my comment earlier. Yes, those wonderful times in the "Little House" books were simpler. *sigh*

Suzanne said...

I like Taylor well enough also. I thought that Elliot should have won.
I really liked his style and he was becoming more relaxed and enjoying things. I think he would have also been a great role model for kids from everything that was said about his being so true and real and sensitive.
He said if he won, he had two to thank...first God and then his beautiful a tune is that? :)

Anonymous said...

Leave it to me to comment on American Idol (pop culture and entertainment news is my thing as you know). Taylor really isn't cool ...but that's what I liked about him. Also, I heard Katherine was cavorting with Katie and Tom (TomKat) at a scientology function...hmmm....I wonder if Katherine was keeping the scientology thing quiet when America was voting. Tom hasn't been such a great example lately.