Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School, Part 2

The Sacred Heart students have returned to school...and of course I had to post this photo of Julia on her very first day of Kindergarten!

And here they all are together...Lindsey's first day as a 3rd grader, Sam's as a 2nd grader and Joey already 2 weeks into his 5th grade year at Valley View. Yes, the other kids definitely envy Joey his daily free dress and hot lunch. Ah, well.

Tony starts Mission Bell preschool on Tuesday, so watch, naturally, for the next post in the series. Five in school (well, two mornings a week, anyway)...I just might be cooking something good for dinner!


Lori said...

yes, and perhaps you could answer your mail !! Michael is still waiting to hear what the kids user name is for their PS3 so they can play RockBand...... there is a three day weekend coming up and he's home sick... (i'm playing the sympathy card here !) Miss you guys LOTS - everyone is growing up right before my eyes, only it's in pictures and i'm missing it !!

Lori again said...

So what did you have for dinner? You know since you had all that extra time with the kids in school and all....Really must have been something extra extra good since you still didn't have time to answer your mail - either that, or it was sooooo good that you spent all day in the kitchen using every pot and pan that you had and spent all night cleaning up... yeah, that must've been it....... You do realize I am using this very public blog as the forum here instead of sending a more private e-mail just for the guilt factor,,,, I didn't attend 8 years of Catholic school without acquiring some of that nun deal !! Besides, this is really really fun ...... Villanova plays Desert Christian (isn't that in Lancaster?) on a weekend in Sept, maybe we can come over then and he can get it himself !!
Still miss you guys LOTS !!

hmm, yes..lori once more said...

Hmmmm.... Now "I" feel guilty ! I sent that last comment before I checked my e-mail - So now I am apologizing on this very public forum !! Stupidity was certainly NOT one of the things I picked up from my Catholic education, that is just part of 'me'... Can we still come visit?

Jen said...

Hmmmnnn.....since we are playing the guilt card....I may not have gone to Catholic school but there are plenty in my family to learn from and so with that being said.....Lori, my dear, how come you never, ever comment in my blog, or answer my emails?! Hmmmnnn....just a question! :)

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

All told, this is turning into a very entertaining morning for me!

Love you both!

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun to read. I miss seeing Lori also. Any chance that she might come over on our next visit? Granted, that weekend is ridiculously busy. But asking anyway.


KatieGirl said...

Do you wonder for about five seconds what to do with the quiet with most of the kids in school?" I do, just before I have to stop Vadim from climbing something or coloring on the walls (thank God for washable art media). I was also wondering what sort of vehicle you are or have gotten to fit your tiny family. My nine passenger suburban is starting to get crowded. The kids are all growing so much. I love the red plaid and red shirts. I hope you are feeling well. LL Kate