Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Geography Lesson

This morning, 3 year old Tony asked, "Where's Daddy?"
"In Texas," I replied.
"Oh, Texas," he said. "I know that place."
"You do?" I asked, pleased that he already had some awareness of our United States.
"That's where Sandy is from."
"Sandy..." I responded, thinking of who that might be. Then I realized who he was talking about.
"You mean Sandy the Squirrel? From SpongeBob?"
"YEAH! I just didn't know her last name."

Wasn't it me who said SpongeBob wasn't educational? Clearly, I stand corrected.


Lori said...


KatieGirl said...

I can't believe Tony is 3. The time goes so fast. Hope you are feeling well. K

Anonymous said...

glad to know there is some educational purpose to Spongebob! I don't feel so bad now, my boys like that show! :-)


Qtpies7 said...

LOL Maybe I will stop complaining about my kids watching Sponge Bob now. I didn't know they could actually LEARN something from it! LOL