Monday, August 18, 2008

Fruits of My Labor

Months of planning, planting, tending, pruning and watering are beginning to pay dividends. As you can see, my humble garden is thriving! Take a look at what I harvested from my garden yesterday...
I gathered basil for pesto, yellow squash (which made a yummy casserole), tomatoes, and my "test" picks of bell pepper and white corn. As it turns out, these two crops are perfect right now, so I am planning to pick the rest tomorrow for a meal of fresh corn and peppers for all.

This is my first time gardening and and I am pleased and proud of the results I have achieved. I have had as many failures as I have successes (peas, beans and carrots, for example, did not fare so well) so I am learning lots along the way from the mistakes I am making. I have done well with the above shown fruits and vegetables along with pumpkin, butternut squash, strawberries, onions and melons. Actually, the jury is still out on the melons, because although the vines have thrived I have no evidence of actual fruit and it may be getting too late in the season for any to appear...but we shall see, as our growing season goes well into October.

At any rate, I simply had to share what I have accomplished here, because it has been so much fun for me to undertake. Next year, when I know better what I am doing, I will let the kids help and, perhaps, each take some responsibility for one of the five boxes. Watching vegetables grow from a single seed has given me renewed respect for God's creation and I can't help but think it will do the same for my kids if they have a front row seat to the action.


Michelle said...

Good job.

For the melons, if it's too late this year, next year look closely at those flowers. Some are male and some are female. If the bees don't do their job, you may need to use Q-tips to transfer pollen from the male to the female.

It's not immoral, since melons aren't Catholic. :-)

nicole said...

Great job! My husband planted a salsa garden, and it is very green, but there has not been much fruit. We have had a few tomatoes and that is it. Oh well, it has still been fun to see what grows.