Friday, September 05, 2008

Facing the Giants... I Mean, The Jets

Tomorrow, Joey's football team (the Rebels) plays the toughest team in the league: the Jets. In honor of this match up, we watched Facing the Giants for tonight's family movie.

If you have not seen this movie, watch it!

This is a fantastic story of an underdog football team that goes all the way to the State Championship once the players and coach place their trust in God. It is truly inspirational and fun to watch too. A few moments of cheesy acting aside, it is a true must-see.

After last Saturday's opening scrimmage when the Rebels positively creamed the Roadrunners, I hope the boys are not cocky going into tomorrow's game. From what I can tell, the Jets are faster overall than our boys, but they don't hit as hard. So, if the Rebels defense can knock 'em down before they start running, we stand a chance to beat last year's champs in our first match up.

Keep your fingers crossed, and GO REBELS!

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Jen said...

I love that movie! It is so hard to find a great family movie anymore but that is one of them. Another good football season family movie is "Rudy". Speaking of hard to find movies, I can't find the PBS version of Pride and Prejudiced that we started and I am having Mr.Darcy withdrawls!
Joey-Good luck at your game today. Play with your head and your heart, not your temper and your team will do great even if you don't win. Better to be humble and show character in defeat then to be arrogant and cocky in winning. I just gave this same speech to Jeff last night as his first game is today also! With all that stuff out of the way...............