Monday, June 16, 2008

Summertime and the Living is Easy

No one loves summer more than me. Not even the kids who hate school, I'm sure of it. Because they don't have to make themselves lunches, fill out permission slips, keep track of school supplies, communicate with teachers, make sure it's not a special uniform or free dress day, and be the homework Nazi in the evening. So they have to sit there and learn for a few hours each day...BIG DEAL! It's nothing compared to what us mothers have to endure in the name of their education!

Today was our first official day of summer and you know what we did? Nothing! That's right, nothing. And it was wonderful. The kids and I just hung out, doing our regular chores in a nice, relaxed manner. We pulled some weeds, took out the trash, swept the patio and did some laundry. We read some books, watched some Spongebob and laughed a whole bunch. How wonderful it is to slow down and enjoy these amazing gifts that are my children!

Here's to many more days exactly like this one during this all-too-short season of the year.


Annie Bizzi said...

Sounds wonderful--how are you feeling?
Thinking about you,

Laura said...

Found your blog on Catholic Blogs...thought you might get a kick out of knowing that I, a Catholic school teacher of some 20plus years, celebrated my first day of vacation with a lot of nothing too. Wasn't it grand?

KatieGirl said...

AMEN! I was as happy as you to have school over. Happier than the kids but not by much. I had a euphoric few days at the summer cabin with the kids just playing in the water, watching movies and hanging out. It just doesn't get any better.