Friday, June 06, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Burned

It's a good thing when an 8 year old learns to make brownies all by herself, and that's just what Lindsey did yesterday. She did a great job! I supervised, but from a distance, letting her do everything all by matter how much it made me cringe to see things spill.

It's a bad thing when you think your supervising is done and you step outside to water the garden, convinced that all is well in the oven. After all, when you left the temperature was set properly and the brownies were safely baking away. All you asked was that your 10 year old set the timer for 30 minutes, something he assured you he knew how to do.

It's a burned thing when you return inside 15 minutes later to a horrible smell. A quick check of the oven reveals that someone pushed the self-clean button instead of the timer button. You discover that you are locked out of the oven due to the obscenely high temperature within. There is nothing you can do except turn it off and wait the 20 minutes it takes for the oven to cool enough to release the door lock.

It's a miracle when you discover that, underneath the black crust which is easily peeled off, lie the moistest, most delicious, gooey brownies you have ever tasted.

It's totally predictable when Joey, the oven culprit, claims genius status for discovering this new brownie baking strategy. Everyone can't wait to repeat it. Except me.


Jennifer said...

Suz- have you ever read any Anne Lamont books? She reminds me of you... similar writing style, lives in Marin and finds so much humor in child rearing. You might really like her!

Jennifer said...

Sorry... it's Lamott