Monday, June 23, 2008


I have been battling big, fat, green worms in my corn. They are attempting to spread to my tomatoes as well, but so far I've kept them at bay. Each morning I go outside and, while I'm watering, I conduct a thorough worm inspection, removing any I see. At first they were decimating the corn leaves, but for the last few days I have been thinking that I have, at last, the upper hand.

Today, as I was admiring the new, healthy growth in the center of the corn stalks, I noted the biggest, fattest worm yet, just getting ready to eat a lace pattern into the same healthy growth I had just been gazing fondly at. How dare he! As I bent over to locate a stick with which to remove him, a giant wasp buzzed by my head. I was horrified and immediately began to wave him away. Until I saw where he was headed.

He ignored me and nose dived directly to the corn stalk where the worm was perched. Before I could blink, he had bit that worm in half and was busy sucking up his juicy, green body. HA! I was positively delighted.

The wasp community has a new!

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lori said...

Ick .......... You asked me why I buy organic produce? Now there is a reason I pay top dollar for the organic vegetables I buy grown by SOMEONE ELSE.... and they're really not all that expensive at the farmers market - but then I'd pay anything NOT to see some wasp sucking the juices out of a big fat green worm, thank you very much.