Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Bumblebee Boogie

I couldn't resist posting a photo of Julia all decked out and ready for her very first dance recital. I'm sure all parents think their children did a wonderful job, but Julia really did!

She danced the "Bumblebee Boogie" with about a dozen other children, many of whom froze when they saw the audience (looking adorable nonetheless). Julia never missed a beat and even helped direct the girls who forgot what to do.

I was not in favor of this recital, as I thought it was taking itself way too seriously. The dance studio rented out the Lancaster Performing Arts Center (a real theater) and the list of rules we parents had to follow in readying our children for the dress rehearsal and performance were extensive. We even had to pay $18 a ticket to watch the show! At age 5, I would far prefer to see her perform in her studio, watching from a folding chair. But, no, we were swept into this "professional performance". Julia was so excited, however, that it was difficult to not go along with it.

As I sat there this afternoon, watching not just Julia and the tiny bumblebees, but hundreds of other children ranging all the way to high school age, my attitude flipped. How nice for the kids that someone thought highly enough of their efforts to put together such an organized and polished show. I could see on their faces that they thought they were a really big deal and, you know what? They were!

So, congratulations, Julia on your dancing debut. You were truly the bee's knees!


Jen said...

As I sit here in the Kansas City airport trying to get home (day 2)it was so nice to see a pic of a beaming Julia! It brought back memories of the MaryLou Curtis dance studio in Carp. We thought it was such a bid deal to dance on the stage at the junior high school!

Qtpies7 said...

She looks adorable!
I had no idea what it took for my parents to have me in dance until I had my girls in dance. One of the teachers required the parents to SELL a ton of tickets, that was frustrating. I don't mind paying to watch, but having to sell tickets is crazy! We didn't know many people when we moved to town. Luckily our family is so huge that we took up a lot of the tickets, lol.