Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tagged for "8 Random Facts" Meme

I have been tagged by Nutmeg to complete the "8 Random Facts" Meme.

“For this meme, each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.”

1. I can't stand to have dirt on my hands or feet, nor can I stand it when they are excessively dry. I am constantly washing and applying lotion to both. For this reason, I won't wear sandals anytime I might be walking in dirt, and I almost always wear socks or slippers, even when it's really hot. This persistent quirk of mine virtually eliminates camping from my list of "fun things to do with the family" and has kept me from gardening (until recently, when I discovered the joy of garden gloves).

2. I can resist many things, but I nearly always succumb to warm chocolate chip cookies (without nuts).

3. Planning for, cooking, and cleaning up after dinner are less effort for me combined than actually plating the food and getting it to the table. I don't know why this is.

4. No matter what I'm doing, I always feel like I should be doing something else. This is somewhat unsettling.

5. I like (and watch) some morally void television: Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, to be specific. I love these shows. Somewhere deep down my conscience is telling me that I should probably watch things more consistent with my personal values, but for now I am adopting Scarlett O'Hara's motto: "I'll think about that tomorrow." Because the truth is, I am not ready to give these up. And who says I'm getting no moral direction? After all, I've most certainly learned from Gabrielle Solis to never, ever sleep with my gardener (if I had one, of course!).

6. I am currently engaged in a "100 day challenge", sponsored by myself, to stick to the Weight Watchers program. I am competitive by nature and find it easier to work toward a challenge than to simply watch what I eat. For each of 100 consecutive days that I stick to the Weight Watchers point system, I will allow myself $5 toward the purchase of living room furniture (our living room has been empty ever since we moved in, more than a year ago, and only I care about filling it so it has never bubbled to the top of our priority list). I am currently on Day 10 (10% done already!) and will end September 6th. I hope to lose 20 lbs (10 from Isabella and 10 from Tony), but my final weight is less important to me than simply sticking to the plan for 100 days. Wish me luck!

7. I am not a dog person. I used to be, and I wish I were still, but alas I am not. This quality left me right about the time I had children. At some point, dogs became messy and inconvenient rather than cute and companionable. I mourn this change in my character, all the more actively because of the very messy and inconvenient presence of our soon to be 200+ pound Mastiff puppy. But, as I heard Dr. Laura advise someone just today: keeping a harmonious home, where the people matter more than the mess, is the "right thing to do". That ridiculous animal makes my husband really, really happy, and he matters more than the mess and inconvenience.

8. Speaking of my husband, I would rather spend time with him than do anything else on earth. Period. It doesn't have to be alone time (although I love that rare treat too!)--I am delighted to share him with the kids, extended family and friends, as long as he is here. I am only truly settled when we are in the same place.

How's that for random? I don't know 8 people to tag since most of the blogs I read have already done this one. So, I tag Andrea and all you non-bloggers who read this (just complete it in my comment section).


Tina said...

O.K. - here is my quick list:

1. Willing to try any recipe at least once. Would prefer to cook than do housework. Let the dust rejoice.

2. Opinionated to an absolute fault. Need to learn how to keep my mouth shut.

3. Stupidity annoys me.

4. I'm addicted to reality shows, especially when cooking or dancing are involved.

5. Sitting still is difficult for me. I feel guilty if not constantly moving.

6. I love shoes.

7. Pack Rat. Throwing things away is difficult for me. The fact that I just threw away 9 old pairs of shoes was huge. Admittedly, 3 of those ended up in Becca's dress-up stuff.

8. Strong believer that The Virgin Mother is watching over us. I feel her presence often.

Suz, how did I do? Are these some that you would have come up with?

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

I must know you well, Tina, because there are no surprises here for me. These qualities are exactly why I love you!

I'm guessing nothing on my list surprised you, either.

Thanks for playing!

Jen Savard said...

Here goes......
1)I talk way too much.According to my dentist it is the cause of my TMJ!!
2)I am not an animal person but alas we have a dog,2 cats,fish,and a ferret.
3)I also love shoes.Even when I am fat and nothing looks good I still have my feet and some hot stillettos!
4)I always say I am going to keep in touch with old friends but never do. :(
5)I move around my furniture every couple months much to the dismay of both my husband and is shins.
6)I am a frustrated "wanna be" sports fanatic who thinks they can do better. Move over Tim Duncan!
7)I would really like to grow some roots and not move again
8)I have a strong spiritual side but wish I had more knowledge.

There ya go!

Qtpies7 said...

I've done a couple of these memes, and they are always fun to go read! I think I've done 6 and 7 things.
1. I hate being outside. I just hate it.
2. I hate spiders, ticks, bugs. I'm actually a true arachnophobic.
3. I'm a crazy cloth diaper addict. I love them, cute ones, embroidered ones, functional ones.
4. I love to bargain shop! Thrift stores and garage sales are my friends! If my dh wanted me to feel loved, he could take me shopping at a thrift store or garage sale! That would be romantic to me.
5. I will never use birth control again, even if that means 10 more kids. And that scares me a little, well, a lot, but I trust God completely.
6. I've been in my home for 2 years and I still haven't really decorated my living room with pictures. Or my second living room at all.
7. I'm immature, and have the test to prove it. Really. I took the MMPI, Minnesota Mulitphasic Personality something or other. It said I am immature. But it said my dh is crazy, so I'm one up on him, lol. (the fact that I just wrote that ought to tell me something) (or when I got the results and my reaction was "I am NOT immature!")
8. I'm immature and raising 7 kids. Yep, you should hear the fights they can bring me into, lol.

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

Thanks, Jen and Qtpies7, for playing! I loved reading your lists.

Jen, I am with you on the shoes! They never betray a girl, like set-in waist pants so often do.

Qtpies, I applaud your courage to accept whatever God sends you. That doesn't sound immature at all to me. :)