Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mottos For The Home Stretch

Summer is on its way, and no one is more excited than me.

The last few weeks of school are so stressful and busy that I actually need two full months to brace myself for the next school year!

"One day at a time" is my motto right now, because every day has its tasks: bring bagged lunches for the Kindergartners to donate to St. Vincent de Paul, remember to cut the 8th grade scholarship checks in time for their graduation breakfast (I'm the treasurer), don't forget to send in a special snack so the class can celebrate Sam's summer birthday before school lets out, etc., etc., etc. Obviously, these are all worthwhile items, but when there are three or more of these types of things for every single day between now and June 15th, it gets to be too much for this mom. And, don't forget, I'm trying to cram in the rest of Joey's lessons so he will be done at the same time as the other kids. Whew!

Usually, homeschoolers have the benefit of not having to jump through all the physical school-related hoops to balance all the time that giving the actual lessons takes. I, however, have all of those hoops (for two different schools) in addition to the homeschooling time because I'm the dummy that mixes the two concepts! But, still, I wouldn't change it. "What every child needs" is another motto of mine, and we are living that one.

At any rate, June 15th can't come fast enough for me. "I think I can, I think I can..."


nutmeg said...

I was ALL THAT last year when Action Man was in school. Between field day and end-of-the-year parties and appreciation breakfasts for the teachers; plus homeschooling parties and co-op wrap-ups, I thought I was going to lose my mind.

One day at a time, yes.

Hang in there!

Jen Savard said...

Aahhh....but these are the things that help us appreciate summer!! When you are finished with all of these things you can truly sit back and enjoy the summer with your family. Now us on the other hand have chosen to only have a 2 week summer because of Jeff's baseball. Hopefully when next year rolls around we will remember how excruciating this is!! Oh, but what was that last line of yours...."What every child needs..." I guess Jeff needs baseball! :)