Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brownie Points

If you're a girl in a huge family who just wants to spend a little alone time with her parents, I recommend that you join a Brownie troop. Through the various events sponsored by an active council, you can be just like an only child...for a few wonderful hours.

Last Saturday Jay and Lindsey went to a Father-Daughter dance. Needless to say, this mom got a bit emotional seeing the two of them go off together, all gussied up and delighted to be in each other's company. I curled Lindsey's hair (for the first time!) and she looked like a true princess in her gown with her ringlets. There were corsages and boutonnieres, lots of fun (Macarena, anyone? Electric Slide?!) and, of course, Cold Stone Creamery afterwards.

Before they went, Lindsey asked me what they would be doing at the dance since it is a well-known fact in our family that daddy doesn't dance. Ever. I assured her that Jay would muster up some dancing because he loves her so very much. She didn't miss a beat when asking why, then, didn't he allow dancing of any kind at our wedding. Didn't he love me too, she wondered? Hmm. Good question, Lindsey. I'll have to think hard about an answer to that one. Still thinking...

A few weeks before, Lindsey and I (and Isabella, of course) went to Brownie Mother-Daughter Bowling. We had a really great time. The only sad part was that, even with the gutter rails up, I STILL couldn't break 100. It's an embarrassment, really. But it didn't mar our day at all.

While we're on the topic of Lindsey, I should report that she had the pleasure of seeing the orthodontist today.

As you can see, her permanent teeth are coming in crooked and, as I found out, orthodontic treatment begins much earlier now than it did when I had my braces (at 14-16 years old). Apparently, her jaw is too small for the teeth that are coming in. At one time this was corrected by extracting teeth to make more room, but now her mouth will actually be spread to be made big enough to accommodate all her teeth. This process began today with molds and spacers and will continue with a spreading appliance placed in about two weeks. In about three months she will get braces, which she will wear for approximately 15 months and then we will wait and see whether she needs further treatment after the rest of her permanent teeth come in.

I was delighted to learn that we have orthodontic benefits provided so thoughtfully by Jay's employer. They cover half of this first phase and I am tickled pink. I have decided that he is not allowed to leave his employer until all of our children have been evaluated for orthodontia. Not that he wants to leave this job that he loves, thankfully! But I'm just being practical. Six kids, you know. That's a lot of teeth.

So, to summarize the message of this post: join a Brownie troop and find a job that offers good dental insurance. My advice, for what it's worth.


Michelle said...

Fortunately, when they are this age, kids think braces are cool. When she does Phase II (after her baby teeth are all gone), it won't take nearly as long. I'm amazed at how nice Fritz's teeth are. I hope he gets his Phase I off by early next year.

Anonymous said...

How do you do father daughter dates with 8 daughters?

nice blog

God bless

(oh 6 of mine so far have needed braces!)

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

We only have three daughters (and 3 sons too), and even with that many, one-on-one time is rare. It would be near impossible with more. But is it so nice when we can pull it off.

I sure hope all six of mine won't need braces!!

Thanks for your comments, I love getting them.

Qtpies7 said...

Are you talking dental insurance, or the company helps pay for orthadontia?
Years ago one of our dd's had the same problem, and they wanted to put braces on her little mouth. Just before we saw the orthadontist our dentist said "They want to put braces on young kids now, but then their permanant teeth come in and they have to get braces again now that their mouths have grown." I refused the braces, and the IMMEDIATELY came up with an alternate solution, which we did not end up using, we let things go. And wouldn't you know it? She's 16 now and her teeth are beautiful all on their own with the exception of ONE tooth that didn't grow in and push out the baby tooth!
I know that sometimes it is necessary, but in our case it would have been wasted money. Now we can fix the ONE problem she actually has.