Saturday, June 09, 2007


It is very quiet in my house.

This is quite unusual. Normally, if I want quiet, I have to leave. But this time, the noise left me! Or most of it, anyway.

Tonight Jay, Joey, Lindsey, Sam and Julia are camping out on the field of the Lancaster Jethawks stadium. (The Jethawks are a minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.) It is Girl Scout Night, so many local troops are camping there, about 200 people in all. Lindsey was happy to share her Scouting event with the whole family...unlike another, nameless family member who wants it to just be dad and him when it is Boy Scout night. We don't call him "daddy hog" for nothing!

Anyway, we all went to the game, and then I brought Tony and Isabella home. Even though camping on an outfield of a sports stadium is WAY preferable to sleeping in dirt as far as I'm concerned, I was still not willing to spend the night in one tent-room with a toddler and an infant. Call me selfish if you want...

I just talked to Jay and heard that they are having a great time. They were eating s'mores and getting ready to watch a movie on the stadium's jumbo-tron. I am very glad he is willing to do these sorts of things with the kids, because if it were up to me they would likely have been deprived of this wholesome event. Hauling tents, sleeping bags and coolers is just not up my alley. But I'm really glad they are enjoying it together.

Meanwhile, having just two little ones at home with me this evening is a relative piece of cake. It is hard to believe that at one time I would have been completely overwhelmed with a toddler and infant alone (I was, of course, when Joey and Lindsey were little). I can see from this how I have grown as a mom, that with experience all things become easier. I'm glad I have so many kids so I can enjoy the fruits of my hard-earned experience!

Well, my NICE, SOFT, CLEAN bed is beckoning. I will be appreciating it--and Jay--all the more tonight, knowing that Jay is on the ground for love of the children.

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Jen Savard said...

I seem to remember you being totally overwhelmed by my one toddler quite sometime ago. That toddler just had her 13th birthday last Monday!! Who would have thought you would turn out to be supermom!! You are very lucky to have a husband like Jay but also to have a daughter like Lindsey who selfishly gave up her alone time with Dad.