Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Know It Was A Good Party When...

...the birthday boy falls apart toward the end because dad stole his turn with the stomp rocket.

Happy 5th Birthday, Sam. You are such a light in our family. Ever joyful, optimistic and full of sunshine. Curious, smart and eager, enthusiastic beyond measure. I thank God for you and the joy you bring us all.


Jen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!! We love you and wish we could have been there.
Love The Savards'

Annie Bizzi said...

Fabulous Birthday Wishes to you Sam!!!

I bet you didn't know that we met your mom and dad just days after you were born...I feel so blessed to have been friends for five years already!

You know what they say..."Time flies when your having KIDS!"

the Bizzi's