Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Middle-of-the-Week Family Movie Night: Back to the Future

In celebration of the last week of summer, we have been going a little crazy around here. That means that we have had pizza (gasp!) on days other than Friday and family movie night (brace yourself!) more than once a week.

School next week is going to be a shock for all of us, I think.

That being said, Joey and I really enjoyed our movie tonight. The classic Back to the Future, starring a very young Michael J. Fox, was thoroughly enjoyable for us both. The younger kids fell asleep 15 minutes in, which was fine because they wouldn't have grasped the concept of time travel and altering the future anyway. But Joey did, and it was really fun for me to see him get his head around this sometimes complicated idea.

Aside from a bad word here and there (WHY do they ruin otherwise perfectly good movies in this way?!) and an event in a parked car that was suggestive more than explicit, there was nothing I found offensive in this film. The kids knew Christopher Lloyd as the voice of "Hacker" in Cyberchase and got a kick out of seeing him in the flesh. Plus, there was plenty of physical comedy mixed in with the plot to delight kids of all ages.

We may be watching this one again in the morning before it goes back to Blockbuster. Because, after all, it is the last week of summer.

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